With the groundbreaking for the Chrysalis, it seemed like a good time to dust off this letter to the editor which I wrote last year in the Flier:

The Columbia community and the stakeholders of the Downtown Plan will all benefit from publicly designating Symphony Woods, Merriweather Post Pavilion and The Crescent collectively as the “Merriweather Park Neighborhood” in Town Center.

If the Inner Arbor Trust flips its working label to “Symphony Woods at Merriweather Park,” the IAT will be able to meet its desire to leverage the nationally recognized Merriweather name while not diminishing Symphony Woods, which many Columbians regard as a cherished, historic name.

Howard Hughes Corporation will also benefit. In promoting its development, “Merriweather Park Tower” will have more cachet than “The Crescent Building.” Furthermore, realtors could market condos as being located in “the new Merriweather Park Neighborhood of Columbia Town Center.”

Lastly, I anticipate the community consternation that will ensue if naming rights are ever sold for Merriweather Post Pavilion. This proposal will assuage these concerns because the pavilion could be known as the “XYZ Pavilion at Merriweather Park.”

Therefore, I urge Howard County, Howard Hughes, the Columbia Association, and the Town Center Board to publicly designate the planning neighborhoods of “Merriweather-Symphony Woods” and “The Crescent” collectively as “Merriweather Park” and to cause appropriate signage to be installed as development of the area progresses.