Joel Hurewitz is the Best for Harper’s Choice

There is only one Columbia Village holding contested elections for the Village Board on April 30–Harper’s Choice.

HoCoCommonSense endorses Joel Hurewitz for the Harper’s Choice Village Board.*

Joel is the only candidate to use his 150 candidate statement to give specific and detailed ideas about what he will do for Harper’s Choice.

Joel has been working with the Board to have the Howard County Board of Elections make the election precinct locations more convenient for voters in Harper’s Choice. Residents of Hobbit’s Glen vote at River Hill High School and not in Harper’s Choice.

Joel has also been working on ideas to make more efficient use of the available parking near Kahler Hall and the Athletic Club. He has suggested that by getting Howard County to paint parking lines on Beaverkill Road, people will be encouraged to park their cars closer to each other. This is already done in the limited parking area in Downtown Ellicott City.

Joel also have ideas to increase the number of specialized recycling collections for Harper’s Choice, such as the eCycle and Shred Event on May 7.

So come out to vote on Saturday and vote for Joel Hurewitz for Harper’s Choice Village Board.

*Well perhaps I am a bit biased.



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