A Reply to Village Green/Town² – “Where Are We?”

In her post Where Are We Julia McCready asks “Where are we?” in Howard County on racial issues.

We are at the place where Del. Trent Kittleman attempts to defend Trump’s racist comments: “Trump had felt some bias and it was possible this guy was reacting to Trump’s policies,” she said. “If you hear and understand what he’s saying, it’s just straightforward common sense. Race is such an extraordinarily sensitive topic you almost can’t discuss it with people, period. That’s the reason Trump is vital. No one on the inside can make sufficient change.” On Trump, Howard Republican officials are ‘a mixed bag’

What happens will happen when a HCPSS student says the things Trump says? What will happen when a student posts a video with the views of Trump? What will happen when this student gets in trouble with their American-born principal of Mexican heritage and claims that he or she is biased because of their support for Trump? What will Del. Kittleman say then?

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