Trent Kittleman – What if Donald Trump Tries to Grab Your P***y?

Dear Delegate Kittleman,

In your commentary “Why This Kittleman Supports Trump”  in July you wrote

What candidates say during a campaign is interesting. I’m much more interested in what they’ve done.  A perfect platform may sound good, but a much better indicator of who will make the best president is (1) what the candidate has actually accomplished in his or her life, and (2) whether the candidate has the character and temperament to get the right things done.

Well now we know what the Donald has accomplished in his life — he has groped women. He admitted it on the Access Hollywood tape.

And when you’re a star they let you do it,” Trump said. “You can do anything.”

“Grab them by the pussy.”  “You can do anything.”

So you think a man who tries to f*** married women as he said has the character to temperament to be President of the United States? This is getting the right things done?

There is bipartisan support for the Howard County Sheriff to resign for saying and doing much less. Trump essentially admitted to assaulting women.

Delegate Kittleman, do you support Sheriff James Fitzgerald? Do you support Donald Trump? There is no place in Howard County for Sheriff Fitzgerald. There is no place in Howard County for Donald Trump?

Delegate Kittleman, if you do not withdraw your support for Donald Trump then you too must resign as a representative of the people of Howard County. There is no place in Howard County for elected officials who spin, cuddle, and support either Fitzgerald or Trump.

Otherwise, I guess you would be alright the next time you attend a dinner with Donald Trump if he tries to grab your pussy.