Donald Trump, I Will Say “Happy Holidays”

On the “Walking Dead” the sadistic thug, Negan demands subservience and tribute from those around him. He demands that other groups he has subjugated as part of his fiefdom give him 50% of what they have. Well actually he just often takes what he wants. Often he takes things not because he has a need for them, but just because he can.

Negan demands that his subjects kneel before him and say “I am Negan.” All are part of his collective.

Negan enforces his dominance with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire that he named “Lucille.” He uses it to bash in the brains of those who have crossed him or more often to suit his whims and enact collective punishment against another group. He kills the living with the same method necessary in the zombie apocalypse to kill the dead — destroy the brain.

Both the “Walking Dead” and the election have gotten me upset. I have yelled at the television watching both. Both have kept me awake at night. I question why people are doing certain things. I wonder how people can be so stupid or not consider the consequences of their actions.

Donald Trump will soon have all the tools of the government – FBI, DEA, CIA, IRS — to enforce his dominance on the American people. He says in his rally speeches and in his tweets that everyone will be saying a certain holiday greeting that sounds like “Mary Christmas.” He, you, anyone is free to say it. I will not stop you. You have a right under the First Amendment to celebrate the holiday as you desire.

However, to make a point and because I can, I will not be under the Thumb of Trump. I will not say it. I have that right too under the First Amendment.

Christmas this year for the first time in decades coincides with Hanukkah. This week is Kwanzaa. And next weekend is New Year’s Day. There are a lot of holidays this week.

So I will just say “Happy Holidays to All and to All a Good Night!


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