POTUS* Irked by Fake News During Recess

WASHINGTON, April 10. Some of the purported news stories being sent out of Washington by enterprising correspondents during the dull days of the congressional recess are not setting well with the White House. At one time or another [the President] has figured, every member of his cabinet has been duly written up as having resigned or being on the verge of presenting his resignation, only a few of which have panned out. As late as today it was necessary for the White House to deny persistently published stories that Secretary Weeks resignation was in the hands of [the President].

Although the White House has refrained from comment, another story which has brought [a number of] inquiries and which was found to be unfounded, was to the effect that the President had confined his expenditures for Easter to a $65 suit of clothes. As a matter of fact [the President] is well stocked with clothing and it was unnecessary for him to buy anything.

*Well now that you have read what purports to be a current issue, be advised that it is not from 2017. The year was 1925. The President was Calvin Coolidge. Seems that history repeats itself.

Source: Daily Illini, April 11, 1925.  Coolidge Irked by Fake News During Recess