HCPSS Interim Superintendent Martirano’s Contract Miscites the Termination Statute

With all of the attention paid to terminating Superintendent Foose’s contract and Delegates Atterbeary and Ebersole’s bill to permit Howard County to directly terminate a superintendent, it is ironic that the contract for Interim Superintendent¬†Dr. Michael J. Martirano miscites the state statute regarding termination for cause.

Maritirano Interim Contract Termination
Superintendent Martirano’s Contract Incorrectly Referencing Section 4-201(d)

As seen in Superintendent¬†Martirano’s contract, the termination for cause refers to Section 4-201(d). However, Section 4-201(d) regards a vacancy and a contract for an interim superintendents and not termination for cause which is Section 4-201(e).


Section 4-201 Education Code Termination
Section 4-201 Education Code


Contracts in other counties correctly reference Section 4-201(e) regarding termination of the superintendent:

Baltimore County Interim Superintendent's Contract
Contract for Baltimore County Interim Superintendent Verletta White, June 13, 2017 
MoCo Superintendent Contract Termination
Contract for Montgomery County Superintendent Jack R. White