Troy Park – Program Open Space Documents

There has been some concerns and discussion by people wishing to build High School #13 in Troy Park regarding Howard County’s statements that 80 of the 101 at Troy Park in Elkridge are encumbered because they were purchased with State Program Open Space funds. If so then the HCPSS cannot build the high school on those parcels unless the open space land is replaced. However, the County and the HCPSS seem to have no documents to show that Program Open Space funds were used.

I filled Public Information Act requests with the Maryland Board of Public Works and the Department of Natural Resources. An initial review does seem to show that Program Open Space funds were in fact used; generally the County was reimbursed which is one reason why the recorded deeds do not reflect the open space restrictions.


The documents can be found here:

DNR Troy Park PIA Response

BPW Troy Park PIA Response

Is It Time Yet to Talk About Sandy Hook?

So after the latest school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the Republicans and the NRA will probably once again say it is too soon to talk about gun safety measures. OK, for the sake of argument, it is too soon. The victims have to be mourned. The community has to grieve. But now after more than five years since the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, is it time yet that we can talk about what to do about that incident?