Troy Park – Program Open Space Documents

There has been some concerns and discussion by people wishing to build High School #13 in Troy Park regarding Howard County’s statements that 80 of the 101 at Troy Park in Elkridge are encumbered because they were purchased with State Program Open Space funds. If so then the HCPSS cannot build the high school on those parcels unless the open space land is replaced. However, the County and the HCPSS seem to have no documents to show that Program Open Space funds were used.

I filled Public Information Act requests with the Maryland Board of Public Works and the Department of Natural Resources. An initial review does seem to show that Program Open Space funds were in fact used; generally the County was reimbursed which is one reason why the recorded deeds do not reflect the open space restrictions.


The documents can be found here:

DNR Troy Park PIA Response

BPW Troy Park PIA Response


One thought on “Troy Park – Program Open Space Documents

  1. The residents of Elkridge tried to use this land for a HS several years ago but we were told that the land was purchased with open land funds and could not be swapped . The Columbia tennis folks wanted to place a tennis arena/venue on that land and the county was going ahead with plans….even though there was no parking available for the amount of people that venue would service and even though we desperately needed the land for a new high school. Ken Ulman had his hands deep in that deal. I don’t care what the county needs to do, but they better come up with some schools to educate the children in this high taxed county.


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