John Liao – Local Recruiter for the Cult of Trump?

The Republican Party has become the cult of Donald J. Trump — a vapid party devoid of values or core beliefs run by a narcissistic, xenophobic, child. Local Howard County Republican leaders and candidates who do not condemn the party’s drift into tyranny must be considered full members of the cult.

At a recent candidate forum at HCC, Second District County Council candidate John Liao proudly announced that two of his strongest supports were Democratic District 13 Delegate candidate Larry Pretlow II and School Board Candidate Mavourene Robinson. I told Pretlow that it was confusing for the voters when a Democratic candidate in one primary race is openly supporting a Republican in another race in the same election cycle. He got angry. He gave some non-answer, answer about supporting the best candidates.

Now I am beginning to realize what it really might be, the recruitment of members for a cult — the cult of Trump.


Pretlow Venn





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