Lisa Kim aka Liza Fenton – The Facts

District Four County Council candidate Lisa Kim often makes the misleading statement in her biographies or at forums that she was elected to three terms will serving on the New Carrollton City Council.  To those in Howard County used to four-year terms this would imply a total of 12 years. However the terms in New Carrollton are only for two years, and Kim served less than five.

As reported in the Baltimore Sun, Kim,  who was known as Liza Fenton in New Carrollton, quit before the end of the first year of her third term.  The video of her resignation speech can be seen here (13:45).

Kim also does not mention that elections for the New Carrollton City Council have very low participation–around 6 to 7 percent. Many people get more votes running for their homeowner’s association or in Columbia village elections or even losing an election in Howard County than candidates get in New Carrollton. In her first election in 2007, Kim received 258 votes.  She did not run in 2009 but received four write-in votes. In 2011, Kim received 243 votes. In her final election in 2013, she also received 243 votes.











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