District 9A Vote No on Trump

Voters in District 9A vote against Trump and his supporter Allan Trent Kittleman. We can do better for Howard County with Natalie Ziegler and Steven Bolen.




Quotes from the Kittleman interview:

  • “The election of Donald Trump may very well be the last, best hope of preserving this country as the constitutional republic our founders created”
  • “History calls for different talents at different times.  This year, in this country, at this time, Trump is the right answer.”

Throughout the article Kittleman defends many of Trump’s inflammatory and racist comments as… “careless speech” or “not politically correct”

Here is an example of how following Trump leads to poor environmental and education decisions by Kittleman.

Here is an example of how her fellow District 9A Delegate, Warren Miller votes on health, education and environmental issues.

We can do better with Natalie Ziegler and Steven Bolen

Trump’s radical agenda is not good for Marylanders

This posting was originally prepared and approved by IndivisibleHoCoMD.
No funding and/or authorization was received from the Natalie Ziegler or Steven Bolen campaigns.








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