Azlon Coming to Merriweather District?

The Columbia Patch reported on April 26, 2019 that the kinetic sculpture “Azlon” was coming to the Merriweather District. The 3-story opus designed by artist Anthony Howe will be installed outside the new Tenable building.

However, speculation started on the Celebrating Columbia, Maryland,and its Future Facebook group when the link failed the day after its posting.

Patch’s articles are often substantially based on press releases. So it is perhaps notable that no other information about the installation can be found. “Maybe this announcement went out prematurely and got pulled?” Celebrating Columbia member and blogger Frank Hecker speculated.

Due to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, the original article can be found here Patch – Towering Kinetic Sculpture Slated for Merriweather District.

The article states that “Azlon” is “named after the ‘one true king’ in the children’s literary classic The Chronicles of Narnia.” However, in Narnia the lion’s name is spelled Aslan. On the other hand, Azlon is “a manufactured fiber in which the fiber-forming substance is composed of any regenerated naturally occurring proteins.” Section 303.6 Generic names of fibers to be used. Rules and Regulations Under the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act 16 CFR Part 303.

Azlon is also the registered Trademark of the British company Azlon Plastics.

Regardless, of the differences in spellings or the mystery of the disappearing Patch story, more information is available about Azlon the kinetic sculpture. On this page, the 2017 creation is identified as “For Sale.”

However, on this page Azlon I is listed as “sold;” perhaps it seems to Howard Hughes.

Howe’s video of Azlon with an overhead view is here. Other videos can be found on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

One thought on “Azlon Coming to Merriweather District?

  1. Great post, Joel. I’ve admired the work of these artisans, so I’m excited that we’re apparently getting one. I understand William Cochran is advising the Hughes Corporation on their public art installations. All hail to him.


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