CR49-2019: Savage Stone, LLC is the Land Owner for MDE Permit Renewal

The Quarry DRRA has many issues regarding the undisclosed property interests which are required by the DRRA law. Some of these issues were previously discussed here.

Below is a copy of an email sent to the County Council regarding whether Chase Land, LLC owns the Quarry Property as stated in the DRRA, or whether Savage Stone, LLC owns not only the undisclosed mineral interests but also the land itself as shown in the MDE Application and Mining & Reclamation Plan Renewal.

Dear Councilmembers,

As I previously stated in my written testimony and comments at the Work Session on April 29, 2019, Savage Stone, LLC and not Chase Land is identified as the surface land owner in the MDE permit renewal. 

Either the MDE documents or the DRRA are in error regarding the ownership of the quarry property.

This core issue of ownership of the Quarry Property must be resolved before the DRRA is approved. 

Also note that the email contact is

The Application and Mining & Reclamation Plan Renewal is attached.