Jay Jalisi: Where is Your Financial Report?

The financial reports for the candidates in the special primary in the 7th Congressional District were due on January 23, 2020. All of the major candidates have reports on the Federal Election Commission website, except for Jay Jalisi.

Jay Jalisi has signs all over, principally at gas stations. The campaign has posted on social media that many of these signs have been vandalized. Yet, how much did these signs cost? What are the receipts to the campaign?

These answers are yet unknown, because the FEC has not posted the reports. Has the campaign filed the records, and the FEC has not processed the postings or is the campaign in violation of the law by missing the reporting deadline?


Update: Jalisi’s report being to be processed Sunday January 26, 2020. Shows that a large bulk of the funds comes from his loan of $75,000 to the campaign. Also are two $5600 donations from family members.

Howard County Double-Books for Hickory Ridge Community Meetings

Hickory Ridge residents that care about the community and development plans have a difficult choice Wednesday night January 15, 2020. The County has double-booked community meetings.

The Zoning Board continues the case of the Hickory Ridge redevelopment at 6:30 at the George Howard Building. Meanwhile at Altholton High School also at 6:30 pm will be the Hickory Ridge Bike Corridor Public Meeting.