Should Howard County Jail be an ICE Detention Facility?

Santa Ana,California moved to cancel their contract with ICE after passing a sanctuary policy.

Becoming a Sanctuary Jurisdiction is a Battle HoCo Will Probably Lose

Enacting CB9-2017 which will make Howard County a sanctuary county seems to be a battle that the County will lose. The new conservative, Republican Trump Administration seems unwilling to tolerate ignoring federal immigration law.

Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions posted a press release on his Senate webpage July 29, 2016 explaining his opposition to the Obama Administration allowing sanctuary jurisdictions to persist. The Senator Jeff Sessions Press Release can also be read here.. It seems likely that as Attorney General, Sessions will take the legal action against local jurisdictions that the Obama Justice Department declined to take.

If a child makes a seen in public, they will communicate their anger to their parents. Yet, in the end the parents will win the battle when the child is grounded. If the intent of CB9-2017 is to express anger and distress with President Trump, we can do that. However, is the County willing to suffer the consequences of being grounded by the Trump Admistration?