A Reply to Village Green/Town² – “Where Are We?”

In her post Where Are We Julia McCready asks “Where are we?” in Howard County on racial issues.

We are at the place where Del. Trent Kittleman attempts to defend Trump’s racist comments: “Trump had felt some bias and it was possible this guy was reacting to Trump’s policies,” she said. “If you hear and understand what he’s saying, it’s just straightforward common sense. Race is such an extraordinarily sensitive topic you almost can’t discuss it with people, period. That’s the reason Trump is vital. No one on the inside can make sufficient change.” On Trump, Howard Republican officials are ‘a mixed bag’

What happens will happen when a HCPSS student says the things Trump says? What will happen when a student posts a video with the views of Trump? What will happen when this student gets in trouble with their American-born principal of Mexican heritage and claims that he or she is biased because of their support for Trump? What will Del. Kittleman say then?

Never Trump Rebellion for the Convention

Due to Donald Trump’s comments and unpresidential temperament, there is renewed discussion about doing something to deprive Trump the Republican Party nomination. While some will say this is undemocratic and unfair it would be preferable to the constitutional crisis that might ensue if Trump were elected in November.

First, there could be a move to have the electors of the Electoral College pick someone else. The electors were intended to be a buffer between an uninformed electorate and having Congress pick the president. However, this has never been done before. Some states might also try to assign the electors by some method other than the results of the November election; they could be selected by the legislature.

Second, the Congress could refuse to accept the electoral votes or delay the counting of the votes. The Speaker of the House would then become Acting President.

Third, there could be a move to declare that President Trump is under a disability and unable to discharge his duties under the 25th Amendment. This might be seen as a coup by half of the country.

Fourth, there could be a move to impeach Trump. This would also be seen as a coup and trying to overturn the results of the election.

Five choices and none of them are very good.

Sixth choice, elect Hillary Clinton President.






Kittleman and Hogan Resign from the GOP

Donald Trump is a racist and a pathological liar, who suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. He will lead our country into ruin or worse. This disaster in the making is the presumptive nominee of your Republican Party.

Would you hire Donald Trump for any job with Howard County or with the State of Maryland?

Are you still Republicans?

You must say something.

You must do something.

You must resign from the Republican Party and change your party registration to unaffiliated.

That would earn my respect.

If Donald Trump Becomes President the Plans for Downtown Columbia Will Not Matter

Donald Trump is mentally ill. He has narcissistic personality disorder. He is also a pathological liar — he confidently denies statements he previously said on TV. On the other hand, he continues to state that he was opposed to the war in Iraq by citing statements made in 2004. The war began in 2003. He states that he observed thousands and thousands of Muslims cheering in New Jersey after 9-11. He did not!!

If Donald Trump becomes President, all the planning for Downtown Columbia will not matter. At best, he will say something stupid–he cannot help himself–and the stock market will crash. He will start a trade war with China, the EU, and of course Mexico. The economy will collapse.

At worst we will get into a war. Trump refuses to ever backdown or admit a mistake. Putin will test him early in 2017. Trump will ratchet up the conflict. A small war will spin out of control because Trump will listen to no one–he knows better than the generals he will say.

And then the unthinkable will happen. The Russian missiles will be launched. Washington and Baltimore will be eviscerated. And then when the nuclear bombs fall on Fort Meade, the Applied Physics Lab, and the FCC laboratory Columbia will be gone as well.

Vote for Trump and world as we know it will be history.



Huffington Post Note: “Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liarrampant xenophoberacistmisogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.”